Zoysia Grass Florida

zoysia grass florida

Zoysia Grass Florida

This site, Zoysia Grass Florida, was built to help those living in Florida with guidance and advice with respect to using zoysai grass for their lawn.  Although you can buy the seeds, the best investment is go go with the zoysia grass plugs.

I recently got introduced to zoysia grass through a friend of mine who has gone through the same challenges as most people in Florida have with their lawns.  The maintenance, water shortage, weeds, difficult growing conditions and other grass problems.  So I decided to investigate the various grasses and find out how people are keeping their lawns green with the use of zoysia.

To start with, our lawns have difficulty growing do to the poor soil conditions and lack of water.  Zoysia grass are warm season grasses and grow well in the south.   Areas of Florida have soil conditions which include clay, salty and sandy soil, rock-like soil and high ph levels.  It also withstands severe drought conditions which saves you the cost of constant watering.


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How Does Zoysia Grass Work?

Zoysia grows differently than regular grasses.  It’s growth is done by sending out “shoots” or “stolons” (as the industry calls them).  These stolons spread creating a lush green carpet.  This grass has very deep roots which help it survive in unfavourable conditions.

What you do is plant zoysia grass plugs 1 foot apart (6” if you want it to spread faster) and after a couple of growing seasons, the grass with spread and cover the area with a beautiful green lawn.   The grass does not grow tall, which reduces the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do.

One of the nice benefits of the Amazoy zoysia grass, is that once you plant it, you will not need to reseed or touch up like you do with other grasses.

So What Are the Benefits of Zoysia Grass?

Reduces the amount of watering significantly (you will need to water it once you have planted it so that the roots can take effect, after that, you’re good to go)

  • Reduces lawn maintenance (cuts mowing in half)
  • You’ll never need to replace it
  • Requires very little watering
  • Grows in difficult soil situations (sandy, salty, rocky, and in drought conditions)
  • You only need to plant it once!

Where is the Best Place to Buy Zoysia Grass?

By far, the best place to buy zoysia grasses with directly from zoysia farm nurseries.  For example, the Amazoy grass is harvested daily and couriered out directly to the home owner.  Talk about customer service!  The best planting season would be the spring and the summer.

There are a number of zoysiagrass species.  Joysia Japonica, zoysia materlla, zoysia tenuifolia, empire zoysia grass (or empire turf) and emerald zoyisgrass.  The best on the market though, is Amazoy zoysia grass plugs.

Customer Feedback

Zoysia grass problems that people comment on are:

  1.  They don’t like the brown color during the winter or dormant season.
  2. The grass spreads with shoots, which can grow into flower beds and the neighbor’s lawn (though they might appreciate a new, lush lawn).

On the positive side, there are those who love it because…

  1. They have a green grass
  2. Very low maintenance (no watering, reduces mowing, no pesticides required)
  3. It is drought resistant
  4. Replaces weeds and crabgrass
  5. Never needs replacing

Del Ray Beach, FL — Grandson loves the soft “carpet”

“We planted Amazoy plugs three years ago and we cannot believe how beautiful our new lawn is. The best part of it all is the color of the grass; the blue-green cast it gives off when you are looking at it. We love walking on it barefoot. Our grandson loves to just play outside when he comes to visit. He tells everyone, ‘Grammy and Poppy have a carpet outside for grass’.” –M.D.

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Zoysia Grass Plugs

I hope that you have found this information at Zoysia Grass Florida to be of value.