Where To Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Guaranteed to Grow

Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Guaranteed to Grow

With zoysia quality and price are key, so the main question is where to buy zoysia grass plugs that are guaranteed to grow from a reliable zoysia farm who will stand behind their product.

You can get the smaller 1″ x 1″ plugs or the larger 3″ x 3″ plugs that will spread quicker.

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The above mentioned plugs are high quality, original strain of Meyer zoysia grass.

Where to Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs on Sale Florida
What Makes Zoysia Grass Plugs So Amazing?


Where to buy zoysia grass plugs guaranteed to grow

Zoysia plugs take root better than zoysia seeds.  The seeds require you to prepare the soil and for the seeds to germinate.  If the seeds don’t germinate, then you have to wait a whole year and try agian.

With the plugs, you don’t have to prepare the soil.  Simply water the plugs before planting, plant, then water for the first three weeks.  After that you are good to go.

Once your zoysia plugs have rooted, they will spread on their own.  They spread more than grow up, so you will only need to mow once a month or so.

Zoysia grass is drought tolerant and requires less water.

Zoysia can grow in difficult soil conditions such as rocky, salty and sandy soils.


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