Best Zoysia Grass Fertilizer

Do you need a zoysia grass fertilizer?

Although zoysia grass is very hearty and can grow in any soil conditions, it is recommended to add zoysia grass fertilizer to your newly planted plugs.

But not just any fertilizer! Ordinary fertilizers can damage and burn your zoysia grass, so it is best that you use a fertilizer that is specially made for zoysia grass.

The best on the market is Nutri-20. This is a water soluabable fertilizer that will help kick start the growth of your new plugs and not burn your grass.

Your zoysia lawn will be its most luxurious and healthy if it is fertilized once a year in late May or early June when the grass is actively growing.

Applying Zoysia Grass Fertilizer
Fertilizer should be applied with a hose-end sprayer, since this supplies necessary water as well as fertilizer. Always follow directions carefully when applying any fertilizer product to avoid problems associated with over feeding such as chemical burn. To apply water-soluble components, use a Hose-End Sprayer.

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