When to Plant Zoysia Grass in Florida

Is there a preferred season to plant zoysia grass in Florida?

Although zoysia grass is a warm-weather grass, if you live in the northern part of Florida I would recommend that you wait until the spring to plant your zoysia plugs. In the southern areas you can get away with planting in the January/Feburary time frame. The goal is to have a vibrant green lawn all year round.

Soil Conditions

Zoysia grass is very hardy and can grow in some of the most difficult soil conditions. If your area is shady, sandy, rocky, dry or salty that is a very high degree of success in growing a lucious lawn. Zoysia grass is known as the drought tolerant grass and as such, you will need very little watering (great way to conserve water!).

Zoysia is perfect for your lawn, a golf course or general ground cover. It is not that well suited for high traffic areas.

The best source of zoysia grass plugs is from Zoysia Farms.  They harvest the plugs daily and ship fresh plugs to you.
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How to Plant Zoysia Grass in Florida


Zoysia Grass in Florida


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