Zoysia Grass Care – Maintenance, Low Mow

Zoysia grass needs very little care and maintenance.  In fact, if you water too much or fertilize too much that is when you will start to have problems with your grass and start seeing brown spots on your lawn.

Caring for your Zoysia Grass

Watering Zoysia

To care for your zoysia you need to understand that the root system of this grass is very deep and as such, it draws moisture from below and there fore requires significantly less water than traditional grasses.

With an established zoysia lawn, you should only need to water once a week at the most and all watering should be done before noon time.  Don’t water in the evening as the water sitting on the grass overnight can cause a fungus to grow.

If you are just starting to plant your zoysia grass (use plugs by the way, not sod or seeds – full review can be read over at http://zoysiagrasssod.com), you will need to water on a daily basis for the first week so that the roots take hold.

Mowing your Zoysia Lawn

You will probably only mow your lawn once every three weeks.  The reason for this is that zoysia spreads out, not up.  Well it does grow up, but very little and at a very slow pace.  When cutting your lawn, keep the height of the grass between 1.5 inches and 3 inches.  If you mow your lawn any shorter you will make your lawn susceptible to insects and fungus.

Fertilzing your Zoysia Grass

You need to fertilize very little.  It is best to fertilize in the spring or summer.  If you over fertilize, you will start to see brown patches on your lawn.

You should only use zoysia specific fertilizer for your yard.  You can read about the fertilizer at this article or you can order it here.

To order zoysia grass plugs, click here.

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