Zoysia Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Information on the Popular Zoysia Grass Seed

You can find the zoysia grass seed in different kinds of varieties; you are able to choose what texture and colour you would like your garden lawn to be.

This type of grass is known to be a medium sort of texture for lawn grass; if you are considering putting this type down on the garden lawn then you should understand that the blades of grass can be a bit wiry. This can be slightly uncomfortable when walking over the lawn in bare feet, therefore some sort of footwear should be worn when spending time out on the lawn.
All varieties of the modern zoysia grass seed have an excellent resistance to dry conditions, and can develop in many different types of soil across the globe. Years ago people use to complain about the zoysia grass going brown very quickly in the fall season, and also taking a long time to recover and turn in to a lush green lawn again.

They have improved the mix with modern varieties now so this is not a problem any more, although heavy thatch can be a problem with this modern type but a good maintenance regime and good aeration can prevent this occurring.

The zoysia grass seed is also extremely capable of repelling most diseases once the lawn is well established in your backyard, brown patch can be a problem with this grass but a good maintenance regime will stop that. Most types can take 24 months to become well established after planting, but there are certain types that grow much faster like the emerald variety.

If you live in an drought ridden area then the Meyer version is what you should use, this has been developed to resist some of the worst drought scenarios. You should always remember to plant your zoysia grass seed in a sunlit area if possible, or very slightly shaded would be OK if you have to but full sun works best for this warm season grass.

You should make sure you water regularly when you are first trying to establish your lawn with zoysia grass, then once established you will find the grass will not need as much watering due to its drought resistant characteristics.

So if you are living in a dry area and are looking for a grass seed that thrives and stays healthy with very little maintenance, then you should check out the zoysia grass seed. It has been specifically developed to resist these types of conditions.

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